Thursday, November 1, 2012

St. Hilda's School Ooty

St. HILDA'S SCHOOL was founded in 1892 by Sisters of the Church from Kilburn, U. K, to cater to the educational needs of the protestant European communities.

St. Hilda's School is one of the eminent schools in ooty imparting academic knowledge to the students and ensuring a holistic development of the child. The school was obtained from Miss Davenport who was the owner of the school, Goyte-Lea. The objective of the school is to inculcate in the students self disciple, faith, love in God and service to humanity.

St. Hilda's School in Ooty is named after the Abbess of Whitby who lived in the 7th century. The school is a residential school offering education to day scholars as well. The school is exclusive to the girls. Knowledge is not limited to the classrooms in St. Hilda's School, Ooty. The school realizes the need of a holistic development of the child and therefore emphasizes on participation in extra curricular activities that strengthen the mind and soul of the girl child. The school endeavours to inculcate a spirit of participation and competition in the children added with zeal to learn, lead and achieve goals in life. To achieve the desired goals, the school is supported by well developed infrastructure that includes a sports complex, health and fitness rooms, libraries and laboratories.

St. Hilda's School is dedicated to preparing the children to achieve great feats in their academic, social and spiritual life. The school has succeeded in delivering the same for the past 110 years. The school at that time was meant exclusively for the European children in India. Since independence however, the school has started taking Indian children and Indian staff.

Today the school is entirely Indian in its composition, culture and yet retains it cosmopolitan outlook and international standards.

The School is a minority institution and functions as part of the Coimbatore Diocese of the Church of South India, but enjoys autonomy with its own constitution. The working philosophy of the school is based on the teaching and application of Christian tenets and yet maintains its secular character and functioning.

Candidates are prepared for the following examination:

- The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education in Std X (This is an all India Examination).

- The ten-plus-two Higher Secondary Examination in Std XII (This is a Tamil Nadu State   Board  Examination).

 The school encourages all the children to participate in games and sports. Apart from Physical Training classes scheduled on the time table, juniors (STD V to VII) and seniors (STD VIII to XII) have evening games on specified days every week. The senior girls are coached in basketball, volleyball, hockey, table tennis, badminton and tennis.

Students like Maharani Chandresh Kumari, the eldest daughter of late Maharaja Hanwant Singh of Jodhpur was Educated at St. Hilda’s school Ooty.


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This school also actively promotes Christianity. It most definitely refrains from teaching elements from ALL other religions and forces its students to take part in Christian rituals.

It most certainly is not secular by any stretch of the imagination.