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The Lawrence School Ooty

The Lawrence Asylum' was built as a memorial to Major General Sir Henry Lawrence, CB, BT, LT.COL., ADC to Queen Victoria, K.CB, who early in 1856 offered a sum of Rs.5,000 down and Rs.1,000 per annum if action were taken to found, at some Madras hill-station, an Asylum similar to those already established at Sanawar and Mount Abu. In February of 1856, a meeting was held in Ootacamund to make every effort to carry out the project. From the beginning, difficulty arose as to the religious principles to be inculcated at the institution. However, a prospectus for 'The Ootacamund Asylum for the Orphans and other children of European soldiers in India', on a strictly Protestant basis, was issued. A committee was formed with Bishop Dealtry as its President.

The committee then sought the aid of the Government, but the latter said that their action would depend on the support received from the Army. It must be noted that the Commander-in-chief objected to the restriction of the institution to Protestants. The Government also stated that the institution must adopt the rules of the Sanawar Asylum from which the committee proposed to deviate.

These difficulties and the outbreak of the Revolt of 1857 led to the abandonment of the project for a time.
In his will, Sir Henry Lawrence had commended the scheme (founding of an Asylum at a hill station under the Madras Presidency) to the care of the East India Company. This led to the project being revived in 1858. At a meeting held in Ootacamund, in August of the same year, it was resolved to found the institution by adopting the Mount Abu rules. A new committee was formed of which Bishop Dealtry was again the Patron. Early in 1859, the 'Stone house' was purchased at the cost of Rs.22,600 for the institution.
Thus was born what we now know as The Lawrence School, Lovedale.



McGAN’S Ooty School of Architecture

Welcome to McGAN’S Ooty School of Architecture, the right place for any aspiring student in search of Quality Education in Architecture. Established in 2008, McGAN´s has a rich legacy and is run by Professionals. Starting with a flagship campus in Ooty for the sake of Architectural studies, today McGANs aims to be a Premier Institution only for Architecture where the student is the focus of the learning community that invests its resources in research thereby forming the guidelines of the teaching agenda.

McGAN´S vision is to promote excellence in Architectural Education, prepare its students to not only become successful Architects but also as leaders who will shape the future of building technology and trade. Towards this end, McGAN´s strives to provide a conducive and rewarding environment for its faculty and students to ignite and sustain their passion for excellence.

McGAN´S Vision

The college will serve as an International learning community: engaged in exemplary Architectural Teaching, Research, Scholarship, Creative Endeavor and Service.

The McGAN´s Ooty School of Architecture will:
01Educate its students for effective practice in architecture.

02Supplement sound training by nurturing the whole person with an understanding of architecture as a broad humanistic and scientific discipline.

03Produce leaders to meet the demands of profession, and whose technical skills will be complemented by personal vision, ethical persuasiveness and entrepreneurial drive.

The college is committed to the values of:
  • Cooperation and Communication
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Community Service and Leadership
  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Public Accountability
  • Diversity
  • Design for Sustainability
Why Ooty
Writers Poets and other creative minds like Architects who pursue a creative profession are known to choose eclectic locations around the world to practice their work. A quiet and serene environment helps in stimulating their creative energy. According to Behavior scientists and top professors at Architecture Universities such as Academy of Neuroscience in San-Diego, the design of spaces can help promote creativity; keep one focused and alert. This forms the reason for selecting OOTY as our location to build an Architectural Institution.

Ooty, the capital of the Nilgiris district in TamilNadu, South India on the Western Ghats, has all the infrastructure a District Head Quarters should have. It is strategically located at an altitude of 8500 ft. With controlled climate throughout the year, Ooty is easily accessible by two other states, Kerala and Karnataka through the Ghat roads. One can get to Ooty via two roads from Mettupalayam, situated at the foothills of Ooty; one via Kotagiri and another via Coonoor -40kms each. Another means is by ‘The Heritage Mountain Rail’ which celebrated 150 yrs recently; the service is until Connoor after which one can reach the college at Perar by taking a 15km scenic drive by road.


Crescent School Ooty

As the torchbearers of knowledge and growth, we leave no stone unturned in providing an extraordinary learning experience to our students. The best of infrastructural facilities, high-tech labs, well-stocked library and medical room, vast playgrounds, , etc. – the prerequisites that make for a wonderful school life – are available, by default, Our team of highly experienced and dynamic teachers believes in imparting knowledge the unconventional way.

Our academic pursuits, along with a range of extracurricular activities, help in honing a child’s skills and ensuring that he/she grows to be a mature and responsible citizen.

"Excellence is driven by Values
Success is strengthened by ethics
Modernity is fortified by tradition
Our Focus ... the child’s individuality
Our Desire to ... see school at the top
Our Belief ... harmonic blend of tradition and technology
Our Aim ...holistic personality development
Our endeavour ... to harness talent through exposure and opportunity"


Good Shepherd Finishing School Ooty

A European concept with great relevance in the modern Indian context. The individuality of a woman and the power of her inner self has more to add to the betterment of the society in the present world. The academic credentials that a woman possess equips her with the eligibility to share a congenial platform with the best of people at her career. To reside at the position that her qualification has equipped her, is a challenge in itself since the roles that a woman play in her life at one fell swoop is countless. A well - balanced, career oriented professional, as well as a caring and loving woman who satiate her personal life is a benefit to the society. It is she, who moulds her family, raise qualities at home, which at large contributes to the society.

At Good Shepherd Finishing School, the Social graces that helps the girl to be elegant and smart, the communication skills that helps her to be confident and the mind management skills which she imbibes, enables her to be graceful at all times in life.

The curriculum designed with varied objectives for distinct programmes will help emerge a truly accomplished lady, well versed in all the graces which will help her to face and conquer the world.


Woodside School Ooty

Woodside School is a residential/day scholar co-educational English medium school which is affiliated to the CBSE up to Standard X and the Tamil Nadu State Board for XI and XII Standards. It is located on the Woodside campus situated in one of the most prestigious locations in Ootacamund, spread over 17 acres of green hillside. The campus is free from noise and air pollution.

Children are accepted onto the Roll from the age of 5 years and many students complete their education from Standard I to Standard XII under the Woodside banner.

Children from different states of India and countries abroad study happily here.However, an entrance examination can be held for applicants upon request and, generally, a decision about acceptance into the School can be made immediately.

Our Motto

The motto of the school is "Sapere Aude" which is translated from Latin as "Dare to be Wise". The school was established in 1991.

School Holidays

Apart from the usual Government recognised holidays, there is a winter break of 40 days in December/January and a summer break of about 50 days during May/July.

Aims & Objectives

The aim of the school is to provide an overall development to its students and to inculcate them in the worthwhile values of life.

Special attention is given to extra and co-curricular activities as mere academic excellence alone is not sufficient for the building of character. Rounded skills are required to prepare the children to face the future and become worthwhile citizens of India .


Nazareth Convent High School Ooty

The school is managed by the Sisters of the ‘Franciscan Missionaries of Mary' who, committed to the mission of Christ to bring ‘Life in all its fullness’ see schools as a powerful tool for women’s empowerment and social transformation.

Nazareth Convent High School was founded by Mother Mary of the Passion on July 16, 1875. It was intended to meet the educational needs of the children of European settlers. Though it was a residential school and remained so until the eighties, Nazareth had from its inception admitted local students as well. Today it has a sizable number of day students while the number of residential students have remained more or less stable at 150. Nazareth School makes conscious and serious efforts to impart a quality education based on spiritual principles

Students are motivated:
             - To discover the powers and goodness of God in daily
             - To discern the turth and make the right choices in life
             - To practice values of Truth, Love, Compassion,
               Forgiveness, Justice and Peace

Thus a successful graduate of Nazareth would be
             - Morally sound and spiritually oriented
             - Psychologically well adjusted
             - Intellectually competent
             - Committed to one’s nation and one’s fellow beings in
                justice, love and peace. And always open to Truth.


Merit International Ooty

 MERIT International Education and Services Foundation

MERIT offers an Innovative World Class Education for a Global Career and dedicated to bringing in Global Excellence in the fields of Hospitality and Tourism, Engineering, Culinary Management, Life Sciences and a host of other exciting avenues.
OUR VISION To offer the finest Technological and Managerial expertise in making MERITORS the forerunners by imparting value education and technical excellence to adapt to the changing needs of tomorrow
Continue being a progressive and innovative Educational Organisation.
OUR MISSIONTo create a better generation, by equipping them with the confidence to make a better world, with a perfect blend of technical excellence, technological achievement, communication skills and human values.
To achieve this mission MERIT continues to upgrade the campus facilities, use innovative teaching methodology, combining the finest technological aspects of India, USA, Australia and Switzerland. Residential campus offers a conducive atmosphere to live comfortably and to learn better. High academic standards, state-of-the-art teaching methodology, learning source from domestic and overseas educators and industry leaders, latest learning tools and equipment, personality development and grooming help students learn better.

The Mission is being accomplished by achieving very high academic standards and getting well reputed corporate companies from India and overseas to conduct campus interviews, as also enabling MERITORS to join reputed universities in USA, Europe and Australia for higher education. Now MERITORS HAVE SPREAD ALL OVER THE WORLD. We are committed to providing Global careers to our students.
MERIT AN INNOVATIVE WORLD CLASS EDUCATION FOR A GLOBAL CAREERLearning in the new millennium has progressed beyond its conventional definitions and constraints. Today's student is expected to be competitive through excellence in his or her choice of vocation.

Merit has been established to act as an effective dialogue partner with students to develop their skills and talents through education. The Foundation has identified and focused on those educational areas which will form the sunrise careers of the future. This includes Hospitality and Tourism, Engineering, Life Sciences - Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses plus a host of other exciting educational avenues.


MERIT is dedicated to providing these educational modules and comprehensive courses with tried and tested syllabi and state-of-the-art infrastructure. At present, the Foundation is operational in two fully functional campuses. They are :-


To complement an institution of this nature, the Board constitutes of well-qualified and widely traveled Directors,who are leaders in their chosen fields of activity. They provide a sense of direction and have been guiding the growth of this reputed institution since its inception.

Highly qualified, well-experienced Promoters, top-notch Industrialists, Renowned Academicians and Eminent personalities in society, constitute the Board. The Board decides on various issues relating to Academic , Administration, Operational, and similar issues. The decisions taken by the Board are final.