Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nazareth Convent High School Ooty

The school is managed by the Sisters of the ‘Franciscan Missionaries of Mary' who, committed to the mission of Christ to bring ‘Life in all its fullness’ see schools as a powerful tool for women’s empowerment and social transformation.

Nazareth Convent High School was founded by Mother Mary of the Passion on July 16, 1875. It was intended to meet the educational needs of the children of European settlers. Though it was a residential school and remained so until the eighties, Nazareth had from its inception admitted local students as well. Today it has a sizable number of day students while the number of residential students have remained more or less stable at 150. Nazareth School makes conscious and serious efforts to impart a quality education based on spiritual principles

Students are motivated:
             - To discover the powers and goodness of God in daily
             - To discern the turth and make the right choices in life
             - To practice values of Truth, Love, Compassion,
               Forgiveness, Justice and Peace

Thus a successful graduate of Nazareth would be
             - Morally sound and spiritually oriented
             - Psychologically well adjusted
             - Intellectually competent
             - Committed to one’s nation and one’s fellow beings in
                justice, love and peace. And always open to Truth.


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