Thursday, November 1, 2012

Good Shepherd Finishing School Ooty

A European concept with great relevance in the modern Indian context. The individuality of a woman and the power of her inner self has more to add to the betterment of the society in the present world. The academic credentials that a woman possess equips her with the eligibility to share a congenial platform with the best of people at her career. To reside at the position that her qualification has equipped her, is a challenge in itself since the roles that a woman play in her life at one fell swoop is countless. A well - balanced, career oriented professional, as well as a caring and loving woman who satiate her personal life is a benefit to the society. It is she, who moulds her family, raise qualities at home, which at large contributes to the society.

At Good Shepherd Finishing School, the Social graces that helps the girl to be elegant and smart, the communication skills that helps her to be confident and the mind management skills which she imbibes, enables her to be graceful at all times in life.

The curriculum designed with varied objectives for distinct programmes will help emerge a truly accomplished lady, well versed in all the graces which will help her to face and conquer the world.


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